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Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar




Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar, outdoor logo application

The Vision



An elegant Greek restaurant & Bar which offers traditional Greek dishes in a modern twist. Olive Lounge targets both foreign and local audience and wants to offer a unique food & drink experience inside a contemporarily designed and relaxing environment with a stunning view to the Ionian Sea.  

The Solution





Based on the old identity, we kept the O + λ (Greek L) for Olive Lounge, but this time it gave us a minimal hint of a shaped dish with cutlery. An elegant mark with double meaning, accompanied by thin lowercase typography. The color palette preserves the natural feel of the name and of the qualities delivered through the whole tone of voice, Stylish and smooth, this new re-branded identity received an impressively excited welcoming from both owners and clients.        

Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar business cards sample
Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar table applecation
Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar menu application of the logo
Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar menu catalogue
Olive Lounge : Restaurant & Bar wall logo application internal
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