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Solace : Counseling and Psychotherapy

Brand Identity


The Vision



The aim for this new counseling and psychotherapy office was to create a clean and simple image that reflects the practice's approach to mental health. The design should evoke a sense of professionalism and competence, while still being welcoming and approachable. The office wants to convey a sense of being at the forefront of the industry, without coming across as cold or intimidating. Overall, the goal was to establish a strong visual identity that will resonate with clients and help them feel comfortable and confident in seeking help.

The Solution





"Ψ" for greek "Ψυχολογία"-Psychology, a leaf to make things elegant and an "up-lifting" arrow to show the path to a better/different self. The solution was a success, with a positive response to the clean and simple design that accurately reflected the approach to mental health. The design conveyed professionalism and competence, while still maintaining a warm and welcoming feel. The visual identity created will have a significant impact on the success of the office.

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