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Hexemi Blackened - Spooky Typeface

Hexemi Blackened - Spooky Typeface

When we think of spooky typefaces, they're usually too busy, too decorative and often kinda cheesy. I tried to make my own spooky / witchy typeface that can be used both for big headers and also for texts with smaller point sizes at the same time!


My main inspiration was the two black cats we have in the family. Cats can be spooky at times, but black ones... ah, they're literally one with the dark! Oh, and of course Halloween is always an inspiration. The font was designed on October 10th btw! It's coming, so, get your creepy fonts ready! :)


- Also supports the major Western languages.


- Use it for banners, posters, brochures and more!


 I hope you'll enjoy it!  

    15,00 €Price
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