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The Freedom of Sketching

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Sketching is an essential part of my creative process during each project. Despite the fact that some may view it as old-fashioned, I prefer to explore ideas through sketching instead of using a mouse or stylus within a design program. There's a good reason for this preference.

Sketching allows me to bring my ideas to life and visualize the processing of my thoughts. It helps me overcome my insecurities and doubts as a creator, encouraging me to express all of my ideas, big or small, on paper.

Before I start sketching, I first engage in word mapping, where I jot down words or phrases associated with the brand. This helps to build a comprehensive understanding of the brand's background, values, and meanings. The word mapping serves as the foundation for the creative process and the reflection of the brief.

I prefer sketching with a pencil because it provides more expressive speed compared to clicks and undos in a design program. During the exploration phase, the goal is to find the best possible combination of symbols and meanings in the most productive and unique way. The pencil is the tool I use to achieve this.

It's worth noting that having drawing skills is not a requirement for the sketching process. The sketches don't have to be visually appealing, as long as they serve their purpose. The real design process lies in the planning stage before creating the final product, and it often happens outside of the computer. The software is used for digitization and refinement purposes.

In essence, design is about having a plan, and that's why I value sketching so much. As defined by Wikipedia, "design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process."

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